Surveillance, Technological Exploitation & the Apocalypse

Well, 1984 came and went and we just didn’t care. From extreme right & left web posts to the nightly gruel poured out by mainstream media, we are begining to realize that we are living in the middle of a science fiction story. If you read about Ray Kurzweils transhuman endeavors or the military’s DARPA projects creating mind control devices, then the reality of our countries eminent bankruptcy probable won’t alter your entertainment choices. But the fact is, the times , they have a changed! Our species is so inundated with distraction , entertainment and political smoke screens that the average person is just trying to make it through the day. Any attempt to wake people up and take a look around will earn you a label and target you – target you based on what is near and dear to your heart. People all around the world should rise up. So many of our values are the same – love of family, love of life, peace, joy and the ability to enjoy the beauty around us. Conspiracy theorists have their mantras in place- the Banks, the Rothchilds, the New World Order…. But they try to divide us by our origin, faith , economic standing and even by how we live our lives. Technology already is displacing the human workforce. And all we are concerned about is Pro Sports, Movies and Sensationalized crime trials that appeal to our lowest human condition. So, like Kurzweil and other futurists – be forewarned…..Singularity is almost here. Singularity is the time when artificial intelligence in computers surpasses human intelligence…in so many words. We must teach this and coming generation the value of Love…..Love never fails. And if we don’t say anything we are hypocrites and slackers who deserve whatever condition we find ourselves in. There is a Spirit and Supernatural realm unaffected by the folly of men. Religion thinks it can take you there- but it is only a claim. Any human being with a heart and brain has the capacity to search themselves and do the best for the ones they love and care about……. Use your head, use your heart….it’s time to challenge what we have always accepted…..


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